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AquaGrove: The Science of Sustainability

AquaGrove uses natural, symbiotic relationships between fish and plants to provide nutrient-rich food that is free of harmful chemicals. Nothing is fresher than food that you have grown yourself, in your restaurant or home, or even if you live off the grid. Using unique thermal tank technology, AquaGrove greatly simplifies the hardest part of home growing: temperature control.

Easy to set up, low maintenance, and with a compact footprint, AquaGrove does not require any special technical knowledge to install or operate. In addition to providing clean, bountiful harvests, it is a wonderful educational tool for students of any age, teaching sustainable agricultural practices, life sciences, and much more.

Fresh Fish and Produce, Free of Harmful Chemicals

Food does not come any fresher than when you grow it yourself. Home growers and restaurants alike will enjoy the freshest, cleanest fruits, vegetables, and fish possible. Absolutely zero pesticides. No harmful chemicals to be found. Just pure, healthy, vibrant harvests for families and patrons to enjoy. That is the power of AquaGrove.

For those enjoying the peaceful solitude of off-grid living, an AquaGrove serves as a reliable source of fresh food. No more time-consuming trips back into town to purchase expensive, low-quality fish and produce. Take your independence to the next level and grow your own. Especially when combined with solar power, such as this rugged, portable solar-thermal hybrid technology produced by Power Panel.

A Rich Bounty of Educational Opportunities

AquaGrove offers hands-on, immersive education for students of any age. Coursework can be easily customized to accommodate short, elective programs or semester-long dedicated courses, from K-12 through the university level. Students will gain an in-depth perspective on how plants and animals coexist and develop a broader understanding of how our planet is interlinked. They will gain valuable life skills as well, such as working together as a group towards a common goal.

Because AquaGrove contains lessons from biology to chemistry to engineering, it makes an ideal shared resource between multiple departments to teach students how to collaborate in a multi-disciplinary environment. From providing initial exposure to science and building enthusiasm, all the way to preparing college students with valuable skills for the workforce, AquaGrove has lessons for everyone.

Global Solutions for Agricultural Challenges

Sustainable sources of food free of harmful chemicals are in demand worldwide. The soil-independent AquaGrove brings nutrient-rich food sources to places in the world suffering from droughts, contaminated soil, and other poor agricultural conditions. Growing food in an indoor environment is an excellent option for locations facing unpredictable weather patterns. The controllable nature of aquaponics technology provides solutions to food shortages, malnutrition, and challenging agricultural conditions on a global scale.

Grow the Resource Management Leaders of Tomorrow

As an educational tool, a single AquaGrove can teach many students about the science of sustainability, showing the world leaders of tomorrow how to protect the future. AquaGrove students will gain a deeper understanding about what makes symbiotic relationships work and how to build them. For AquaGrove students, sustainability will be more than an ideal. It will be a skill set that can be practiced, applied, and refined. From scientists and engineers to program administrators and educators, AquaGrove students will have the skills and knowledge to take the next steps down the road of sustainable resource management.

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